Referrals & Testimonials

Kind feedback from our happy puppy families!

  • Leia and her humans 🙂
    Leia the Goldendoodle

    Leia seems a bit "embarrassed" with the affection we showed in public?

    Hi, Lynn.
    Thank you very much for the note and update. We are doing fine here, deep in holiday season mode.
    We had a photo session with a pet photographer and wanted to share one of the photos we liked a lot – Leia seems a bit “embarrassed” with the affection we showed in public.
    Happy holidays and warmest regards!
  • Totoro, Ellie and friend from their walking pack!

    How is this for a fun picture? Two of these Goldendoodles are Wine Country Doodles. The picture is taken in San Francisco, home of many Wine Country Goldendoodles 🙂

    Goldendoodles smile in San Francisco park :)

    Three happy pups!

  • Teddy on Vacation

    Teddy the Wine Country Goldendoodle on vacation over July 4th weekend. Enjoy!

    Golden Doodle on the beach

  • Goldendoodle Holodeck! 😀

    A Wine Country Goldendoodle and his family, scanned at the holodeck!

  • Wine Country Goldendoodle in Commercial!

    And a note from the family!


    Taco is a star! He just shot a commercial on the YouTube channel Popsugar for Hilton. The theme of the video is how to travel with your pet. Taco was the “comic relief” 🙂

    Thanks for all you did to bring us such a wonderful, loving, and silly pup!
    Aman and Roopa
  • Our life with Henry <3

    Hi Lynn and Jim,

    We hope that all is well with the Fleck family! Also hope that you guys still do what you are the greatest at…. giving the best of the bests golden doodle puppies to the world!;)

    Our Henry is the most fantastic little fur boy with big flappy ears that a family could ever ask for! He has made our life complete!
    The pictures attached speak for themselves!??

    With love,
    Henry, Nino and Timea

  • 2-Month Check-in!
    Hi Lynn and Jim,
    Sunny sleeps on a box of blocks!

    Sunny after playtime

    I hope you guys are doing well! Can you believe the puppies are 2 months old today? We are feeling so blessed with Wrigley Sunny! He is an absolute joy. The kids love him to pieces and he is living up to his name as he really wiggles with excitement every morning when he sees each of us and throughout the day.
    It is hard to believe that we have almost had him for 2 weeks. We all can’t imagine life without him! He is sleeping well in his crate right by our bed. Usually we put him in about 10:30 and he sleeps until about 6:45. He has learned that sit is his way to say please and the kids have all been great about ignoring jumping and standing like a statue if he jumps. The second he sits and stops jumping we love and praise him excitedly. He is doing such a good job! And he is so eager to please. He has such a sweet disposition and loves to meet new people. Those tail wags just melt me!
    There are already a few games we all love to play with Wrigley. He has a frog toy (much like the snake toy at your house) that is his favorite. He also loves playing blocks with the kids. He sits (great practice and I have to credit Joe with this game!) and then one of us builds a tower. Then we say okay. He barks at it and then knocks it down. Here he is crawling into the blocks and not a few seconds later he fell asleep in the block box! Too adorable!

    And now he's tired!

    He has a pretty good idea where to go potty. We got out the same door every time and say potty. Then once he starts going potty we say potty again once. Then we reward him for a treat. We miss here and there… but always our fault. With three kids coming and going sometimes little accidents happen because we lose track of time and don’t realize he is sniffing around and sending us signals. We mostly have hardwood floors with area rugs which I rolled up and packed away for the next few months. That way I am not as stressed about those accidents. 🙂
    Every night at dinner we go around and say what we are thankful for. Wrigley has been mentioned every single night since we got him. Thank you for loving on this little guy from the beginning. You can tell he had a wonderful start to life and we love that we get to have this furry family member in our life!
    Thank you! Thank you!
    Michelle, Joe, Josh, Luke, and Kayla
  • Sydney says hello!

    Bred in SebastopolHi Lynn,

    Seeing the wonderful updates, has inspired us to write in as well. Our little Sydney (AKA Snow White) is an absolute joy. While nowhere near as large as her many brothers and sisters, Sydney is only 16 pounds, but more than makes up for it in energy and personality. We travel quite a bit and have taken her with us many times – she was comfortable in a small plane and on a fishing boat.

    We just moved from NYC to Florida. She is quite the definition of a salty dog. She LOVES to swim in the pool (it is hard to keep her out), but the beach is her favorite place. She swims in the waves, digs in the sand, and runs for miles chasing absolutely every bird within miles and the occasional lizard. We love her fun and playful personality, and much like her sister Leia, we can’t go for 10 minutes without someone stopping to pet or ask about her. Every meal in restaurant involves people walking by and stopping to give her attention. She is our social butterfly and just loves people!

    In addition, she smiles when she sleeps and has taken to her training and learned all her commands – which we try to re–enforce daily. She is a pleaser and really gets happy when she knows she has done what you have asked. We are currently attempting frisbee catching as the next cool trick every beach dog should know, but she is still far from mastering it. She keeps trying to catch it with her paws, or it ends up hitting her on the head. We love her dearly and thank you so much for bringing her to us!


  • Fozzy the Ring Bearer
    Ann and Dave share some of their wedding photos, where Wine Country Golden Doodle Fozzy was the ring bearer 🙂
    How great are these photos?!
    Hi Lynn and Jim!
    Hope your holiday was wonderful! Sorry we have been so MIA. So much has happened this past year for us. We got married and Fozzy was our ring bearer of course. We also moved to the south bay where Fozzy has made more doggy friends, including a fluffy double doodle. He was a beanie baby for halloween and got into the spirit of Christmas by donning an “ugly” (everything looks cute on him) sweater.
    We hope you have a Happy New Year!
  • Prince in Family Holiday Card

    We should have named him King. He has taken over our bed. We all love him so much!!
    Anne and Rob

    And Prince made it onto our Holiday Card this year 🙂

  • Update from Davis

    Hi Lynn!
    Here are some new pics of Davis! He’s getting into terrible twos chewing up all his toys and shredding his beds but I don’t mind because he’s such a good puppy in every other way! He loves going with me everywhere– the bank, my work, on morning jogs, you name it! He’s so good at work, he makes all the nursing home residents so happy and he’s so gentle with them! My family can’t stop saying “he’s such a good boy, you got so lucky!!!!” I’m so thankful for you guys for raising the perfect puppy!


  • Lil' Wilbur from Boston

    Here are some recent photos of Wilbur/willy! He is like a local celebrity around Boston–I swear people cross the street just to come pet him! Of course, no one loves him more than I do…

  • 1yr Old Bday Boy - Archie

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I know we all feel blessed to have these sweet pups in our families!!! Archie is the best dog we have ever had & we thank you Lynn & Jim for that!!

    Hope this finds you well and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!!
    Love, Cynthia & Frank

    Archie at the beach for his birthday


  • Yogi bear says Hiiii!

    Hi Lynn,

    Yogi graduated his level 1 puppy training class and is now 2 weeks into level 2. He is so fun and smart!
    Here are some pictures 🙂

    Helping mom study for her midterms:


    All dressed up for Halloween! He’s an Ewok!

    Yogi where are your toys?

  • Hudson says Hello!
    Hehehe.. I know I’m  bias but, Hudson is a special BIG guy 🙂
    He’s so sweet, gentle, kind,happy go lucky.. Just flat out wonderful! We meet lots of new people on our outings that ask which breeder he came from and of course I sing praises about you guys ??
    Good stuff!
    Big hug,
    Sherie 🙂
  • Update from Emi
    Emi had a bath and now she’s resting.  We think she looks pretty cute.
    Love getting pictures of the litter mates.
    – C. Carter
  • Bungee

    Bungee is so entertaining, quiet at times but can definitely hold his own with Derby. Just perfect! Bungee is fantastic. We all just love him. You did a most fantastic job preparing your puppies for their new home.Besides being so healthy, with Bungee, there was absolutely no transition. He loved people, dogs and his crate. You made it so easy for us, from the ride home to the first night. He is a perfect dog for us and we all love him so much. We are having so much fun with him. He’s just happy all the time, such a joy.-Love, Roz

  • Buster

    Buster is thriving and doing very well. Tod and I are amazed how in the first week and a half that we have him living with us, he is the talk of our neighborhood amongst all the dog owners. He is a wonderful part of our family, and we cannot believe we waited so long to get a dog. We are still in the potty training phase, but he is progressing very nicely. We took him for this first vet visit last Friday and everybody at the office loved him and could not believe how well behaved Buster is for being so young. He gets along really well with my sister’s cocker, Charlie and they are becoming fast friends. We cannot thank you both enough of providing us with such a wonderful family member.-Julie and Tod.

  • Casey

    I am thrilled with my one-year old male pup named “Casey” from Wine Country Goldendoodles. I feel that I didn’t just pay for the puppy, but for the hours upon hours the breeders spent before, during and after the puppy left the litter. The breeders take their work very seriously, and do it with a great deal of love and sense of service. This is my experience with Wine Country Goldendoodles: I was looking for a dog who was not huge, shed very little or not at all, was easy to train and was gentle and kind to people of all ages. I was also looking for a dog for a specific purpose: to be a facilitated service dog for my brother, who lives with a brain injury, and/or a therapy dog for my community service. I didn’t go out in search of a goldendoodle. I was open to going to shelters and to AKC breeders. I had had two dogs before, but decided to hire a professional trainer. I chose a trainer who said she’d had 30 years of experience to assist me in finding the “right” dog, so that I could decrease the chance of finding myself bonded to a dog that had no aptitude for the work I wanted to do. At Wine Country Goldendoodles, the trainer met the family who bred Casey. She emailed them that she was impressed by the care they took in breeding and socializing the puppies, and readying them for their new homes. On our first visit the trainer temperament tested the litter. She declared that there wasn’t one puppy in Casey’s litter who wouldn’t make a wonderful companion, but she chose Casey because of his balanced temperament and his potential to become a service dog. I thought, Canine Companions for Independence breeds Labradors and Golden Retrievers to create a mix for the needs of their disabled population, and man has been interbreeding animals for specific purposes as long as recorded history, Why should I not purchase a dog from dedicated breeders who are creating the type of dog I need? The trainer encouraged me to stop my search because, in her experience, goldendoodles were easy to train and had wonderful dispositions. She assured me that we had indeed met our match. The breeders ask for references so they know the puppies go to a good home. They give you beautifully prepared information on potty training and positive training in the puppy’s first months. They ask that you sign a contract so that you return the puppy to them should it not work out. They check in by email to stay in touch. They are serious about wanting you to have a happy, healthy and well-adjusted dog. In the following months I have found that everything the trainer said has come true — and more. Wine Country Goldendoodle’s Casey never ceases to amaze me: Last week, two days before his first birthday, he became certified for canine-assisted therapy in hospitals, or working with me to help kids improve reading skills in local elementary schools. During his first year he passed four Humane Society trainings, which he just loved, because Casey loves to learn. It takes him about 3-4 tries to learn just about anything. In the past few weeks he has learned to “retrieve” the newspaper from the mailbox 4/10 of a mile away – and drops it at my 85 year-old mother’s feet. He loves agility jumps and tunnels and loves to play fetch. Casey is fun, sensitive, interested in the world and kind to children, other dogs, and is friendly to everyone he meets. His Benji -looking face attracts people everywhere we go. People stop me to ask what type of dog he is and some ask where they might find one like him. That’s not to say that anyone should run to Wine Country Goldendoodles and purchase a puppy. Casey has reminded me that all dogs are a huge responsibility and owning one takes an enormous commitment of time. A goldendoodle like Casey has taken more time than other dogs I have owned because he is high energy, intelligent and mischievous. As the trainer warned, he needs two high-energy, burn-out sessions a day, then he happily curls up at your feet. On allergies: Yesterday on our walk a man stopped to say that he was caring for Jayber, a half-brother of Casey. He was doing this because his wife was testing out whether she might be allergic to the breed. He said she was “allergic to everything, but had no allergies to this Wine Country goldendoodle.” My experience (as a person who is very allergic) is that certain dogs can be hypo-allergenic, but breeders need to know allergies remain case specific: any dog can cause allergies in anyone, some cause fewer allergies than others. A goldendoodle falls into this category. In sum, It didn’t surprise me at all when I noticed that the trainer had redesigned her cards to put a goldendoodle on its face. I’d like to put a photo of Casey on my business card too, because day-by-day Casey and I are growing to become very much a human-canine service team. Oops! Gotta go. Casey’s nose is in my arm. He wants to play ball!-Anne P.

  • Cooper

    Cooper is doing GREAT! He is the favorite at our little dog park. He loves to play with the bigger dogs especially the Goldens and the Standard Poodles. Fortunately he is quick and loves to run. He is a great retriever and loves to be chased (even if it’s just around the coffee table). My daughter got a Bulldog puppy this year and he and Cooper get along really well. I am attaching a fun photo of Cooper kayaking on the lagoon. In my next life… I want to be a Doodle!-Magda (& the Coop)

  • Murphy


    Hi Lynn, Murphy (mini goldendoodle) is so smart. He already knows his name. He learned the sit command yesterday and it only took about 10 minutes. He is going to a puppy manners class and beginning obedience at the end of June. He also loves water! Anytime a sprinkler comes on he’s right in the middle of it. He is completely crate trained and sleeps all night. He is almost housebroken too (at 10 weeks old).We are very happy with him and he seems to be happy with us too, so all is good.- Susan

  • Abbie


    Abbie is doing great! She slept through the night the first night home and continues to go potty on command. No accidents so far…She had her vet appointment today and checked out beautifully. I’ll keep you posted!!!

  • Mia


    We have one of your first mini’s and we love her! Her name is Mia and she is a joy. She has a great temperament, loves kids, and is very gentle. She is best friends with our daughter, Claire, and our two kitties. Mia is well loved by the Chastain Family, especially Claire!

  • Dodger and Royal

    December 27, 2009Dear Jim & Lynn,I don’t know how I’d survive Chris being away without the love and everyday welcoming of Dodger and Royal. They are truly a blessing.Keep the puppies coming for future families needing love.-Cheryl & Chris

  • Clover

    December 22, 2009 – Everything is great I love love love her and want another one but I haven’t worn Niklas down yet I am trying she is the best part of my life and sleeps with me everynight at my feet. She follows me everywhere. I am hoping Niklas will do another dog again.Clover came out small which I love so much she is only 17 pounds.We are happy and in love with her. Thanks so much.-Megan

  • Ollie

    Happy New Year 2010! We just came back from a big hike in a canyon. Ollie was so happy! He is a fantastic dog! -Pascale, Les &Leo

  • Remy

    Hello Aunti Lynn and Uncle Jim, I was 36 weeks on Friday and eight months old. That is quite the math riddle. I have exciting new. Me and my family are moving to Switzerland! It should only be for 14 to 21 dog years. I can’t wait to see and play in snow. More ifo as I know it. Love -Remy

  • Jolie

    She’s always been a beauty!!! And look at those wise, soulful eyes