Referrals and Testimonials

Update from Davis

Hi Lynn! Here are some new pics of Davis! He’s getting into terrible twos chewing up all his toys and shredding his beds but I don’t mind because he’s such a good puppy in every other way! He loves going with me everywhere– the bank, my work, on morning jogs,  Read more »

Lil’ Wilbur from Boston

Here are some recent photos of Wilbur/willy! He is like a local celebrity around Boston–I swear people cross the street just to come pet him! Of course, no one loves him more than I do… Thanks! Annie

1yr Old Bday Boy – Archie

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I know we all feel blessed to have these sweet pups in our families!!! Archie is the best dog we have ever had & we thank you Lynn & Jim for that!! Hope this finds you well and we wish you a very Merry  Read more »

Yogi bear says Hiiii!

Hi Lynn, Yogi graduated his level 1 puppy training class and is now 2 weeks into level 2. He is so fun and smart! Here are some pictures 🙂 Helping mom study for her midterms:   All dressed up for Halloween! He’s an Ewok! Yogi where are your toys?

Hudson says Hello!

Hehehe.. I know I’m  bias but, Hudson is a special BIG guy 🙂 He’s so sweet, gentle, kind,happy go lucky.. Just flat out wonderful! We meet lots of new people on our outings that ask which breeder he came from and of course I sing praises about you guys ??  Read more »

Update from Emi

Emi had a bath and now she’s resting.  We think she looks pretty cute. Love getting pictures of the litter mates. – C. Carter


Bungee is so entertaining, quiet at times but can definitely hold his own with Derby. Just perfect! Bungee is fantastic. We all just love him. You did a most fantastic job preparing your puppies for their new home.Besides being so healthy, with Bungee, there was absolutely no transition. He loved  Read more »


Buster is thriving and doing very well. Tod and I are amazed how in the first week and a half that we have him living with us, he is the talk of our neighborhood amongst all the dog owners. He is a wonderful part of our family, and we cannot  Read more »


I am thrilled with my one-year old male pup named “Casey” from Wine Country Goldendoodles. I feel that I didn’t just pay for the puppy, but for the hours upon hours the breeders spent before, during and after the puppy left the litter. The breeders take their work very seriously,  Read more »


Cooper is doing GREAT! He is the favorite at our little dog park. He loves to play with the bigger dogs especially the Goldens and the Standard Poodles. Fortunately he is quick and loves to run. He is a great retriever and loves to be chased (even if it’s just  Read more »