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Photos Updated: Sire & Dames

Added new photos of the Wine Country Goldendoodle papa, Copper, as well as new photos for a number of the mommas.

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2014 Goldendoodle Holiday Photos!

Please enjoy this years holiday photos! We will be adding more to the gallery as well!

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Lil’ Wilbur from Boston

Here are some recent photos of Wilbur/willy! He is like a local celebrity around Boston–I swear people cross the street just to come pet him! Of course, no one loves him more than I do… Thanks! Annie

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1yr Old Bday Boy – Archie

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I know we all feel blessed to have these sweet pups in our families!!! Archie is the best dog we have ever had & we thank you Lynn & Jim for that!! Hope this finds you well and we wish you a very Merry  Read more »

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Yogi bear says Hiiii!

Hi Lynn, Yogi graduated his level 1 puppy training class and is now 2 weeks into level 2. He is so fun and smart! Here are some pictures 🙂 Helping mom study for her midterms:   All dressed up for Halloween! He’s an Ewok! Yogi where are your toys?

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Go Giants!

Aww, looks like Izzy is a big supporter of her local Giants!

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Puppy updates from new parents!

We’ve added a few messages and photos we’ve received from families that took home their new pup’s a few weeks ago. Enjoy!   Tucker from New Jersey – 10/9/14 Hi Jim and Lynn! I just wanted to say how nice it was to finally meet you! I just wanted to  Read more »

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“Pork Chop” swimming at the beach!

One of our puppy parents sent in a video of their mini Goldendoodle, Pork Chop, for us to share! He spent the weekend at the beach where he loves to swim, play fetch, and play in the sand. He looks like a happy boy to us!

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