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December 15, 2016Permalink

Leia and her humans :)

Hi, Lynn. Thank you very much for the note and update. We are doing fine here, deep in holiday season mode. We had a photo session with a pet photographer and wanted to share one of the photos we liked a lot – Leia seems a bit “embarrassed” with the  Read more »

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Totoro, Ellie and friend from their walking pack!

How is this for a fun picture? Two of these Goldendoodles are Wine Country Doodles. The picture is taken in San Francisco, home of many Wine Country Goldendoodles 🙂

August 29, 2016Permalink

Teddy on Vacation

Teddy the Wine Country Goldendoodle on vacation over July 4th weekend. Enjoy!

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Goldendoodle Holodeck! :D

A Wine Country Goldendoodle and his family, scanned at the holodeck!

July 3, 2016Permalink

Wine Country Goldendoodle in Commercial!

And a note from the family! Lynn/Jim: Taco is a star! He just shot a commercial on the YouTube channel Popsugar for Hilton. The theme of the video is how to travel with your pet. Taco was the “comic relief” 🙂 Thanks for all you did to bring us such  Read more »

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Our life with Henry <3

Hi Lynn and Jim, We hope that all is well with the Fleck family! Also hope that you guys still do what you are the greatest at…. giving the best of the bests golden doodle puppies to the world!;) Our Henry is the most fantastic little fur boy with big  Read more »

March 21, 2016Permalink

2-Month Check-in!

Hi Lynn and Jim, I hope you guys are doing well! Can you believe the puppies are 2 months old today? We are feeling so blessed with Wrigley Sunny! He is an absolute joy. The kids love him to pieces and he is living up to his name as he  Read more »

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