Sydney says hello!

Bred in SebastopolHi Lynn,

Seeing the wonderful updates, has inspired us to write in as well. Our little Sydney (AKA Snow White) is an absolute joy. While nowhere near as large as her many brothers and sisters, Sydney is only 16 pounds, but more than makes up for it in energy and personality. We travel quite a bit and have taken her with us many times – she was comfortable in a small plane and on a fishing boat.

We just moved from NYC to Florida. She is quite the definition of a salty dog. She LOVES to swim in the pool (it is hard to keep her out), but the beach is her favorite place. She swims in the waves, digs in the sand, and runs for miles chasing absolutely every bird within miles and the occasional lizard. We love her fun and playful personality, and much like her sister Leia, we can’t go for 10 minutes without someone stopping to pet or ask about her. Every meal in restaurant involves people walking by and stopping to give her attention. She is our social butterfly and just loves people!

In addition, she smiles when she sleeps and has taken to her training and learned all her commands – which we try to re–enforce daily. She is a pleaser and really gets happy when she knows she has done what you have asked. We are currently attempting frisbee catching as the next cool trick every beach dog should know, but she is still far from mastering it. She keeps trying to catch it with her paws, or it ends up hitting her on the head. We love her dearly and thank you so much for bringing her to us!


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